Assignment Problem Calculator

This application solves the assignment problem using the Hungarian algorithm. The linear assigment problems with the objecttive of maximizing profit or minimizing cost can be solved with this calculator. For example, you want to hire three workers to do three tasks. The cost/task of the workers is shown in the table below.

cost/task task 1 task 2 task 3
worker 1 85 58 41
worker 2 54 82 95
worker 3 92 72 98
You want to do the worker-task assignment in such a way that minimize the total cost. Solving this example with the assignment problem calculator gives the minimum cost of 167 if task 3 is assigned to worker 1, task 1 to worker 2, and task 2 to work 3.

Input Data

The valid input data of assigning $n$ tasks to $n$ workers is in the form of $n\times n$ cost matrix $C$ of nonnegative integer numbers, see Matrix Data Input for more detail of entering matrix data. The element $C_{ij}$ is the cost of assigning task $j$ to worker $i$.

Assignment Problem Calculator

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